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Article: What is magnetotherapy, and how does it work?

What is magnetotherapy, and how does it work?

What is magnetotherapy, and how does it work?

Magnetic therapy is a technique used in physiotherapy in which magnetic fields are used to restore the biological, chemical, and cellular balance of the body. This is based on the fact that human cells contain electrical charges, and when the person gets sick, an imbalance occurs.

It is normally used as a treatment for different pathologies and ailments, especially those related to the muscular or skeletal system of the body.

This form of medicine originated in China, India, and Egypt. But today it is considered one of the most effective ways to treat pain and inflammation in the human body. It is applied all over the world and has shown wonderful results. Although its benefits have not yet been officially recognized.

How does it work?

According to studies, magnetic therapy works because magnets can attract the iron in our blood, helping to improve blood flow in certain areas, improving circulation, and allowing more oxygen to reach and heal faster.

On the other hand, magnets also have the power to reestablish the balance of positive and negative charges of the ions in our cells, thus helping us to maintain good health. Therefore, it is said that by using accessories such as magnetic bracelets, some ailments related to pain, inflammation, insomnia, and migraines can be reduced.

Ways of applying magnetotherapy.

Magnetotherapy can be applied in different ways. Here are some of them:

  • Static magnetic field therapy: This is done by placing immobile magnets directly on the skin. In this case, magnetic bracelets, necklaces, and belts, among others, are used.
  • Electromagnetic magnet therapy: Electrical charges are used in this type of magnet therapy to reestablish the chemical and biological balance of our cells.
  • Magnetic therapy for acupuncture: Magnets are placed on certain points of the body, which thanks to traditional acupuncture, are considered energy points.

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Magnetic wristbands

As already mentioned, one way of applying magnetic therapy is through static magnetic field therapy. For that, accessories containing magnets are used, one of the most common being magnetic wristbands.

Magnetic wristbands focus on restoring negative and positive ions in the cells to restore health.

The belief in magnetic wristbands' effectiveness in pain treatment has been around since the Renaissance. At that time, magnets were used in bracelets, rings, and other accessories, as it was believed that they had living energy, which helped to fight diseases, pains, and inflammations.

It was not until the 19th century that, thanks to medical advances, results were obtained that demonstrated the therapeutic benefits of magnetic bracelets. This form of therapy became popular in 1970 thanks to Albert Roy Davis, who determined that magnetic energy could help relieve arthritis pain and other benefits.

At Polldan, we have a wide variety of magnetic wristbands for men and women, with different materials and in various sizes. Some of the materials we use the most are:

  • Stainless steel.

So we invite you to visit our website and look at all the models we have for you, which you already know, besides being beautiful, offer great therapeutic benefits.

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