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Article: Benefits of magnetotherapy wristbands

Benefits of magnetotherapy wristbands

Benefits of magnetotherapy wristbands

Few people know it, but in medicine, there is a type of treatment known as magnet therapy. This consists of exposing the body to magnetic fields, through magnets.

Now, at first, these treatments were not very approved, but after several studies have become a possibility for many who have decided to try the benefits of this treatment.

Because of this, more and more jewelry stores have decided to make magnetic bracelets that in addition to fulfilling their medical function, are beautiful. They have come to make magnetic bracelets and bracelets for everyone using different materials: bracelets for men, copper bracelets, bracelets for children, and bracelets for women.

So, magnetic therapy has many benefits. If you want to learn more about them and their impact on our bodies, read to the end. Below we leave you a list of all the benefits that these bracelets offer:

Reduces joint pain

One of the most well-known benefits of these bracelets is that they are able to reduce joint pain and inflammation. For this reason, this therapy is widely used and recommended for patients suffering from arthritis.

A point of concern for these patients is if the bracelet is too heavy, but, light bracelets have been made using different materials. Some of the most used bracelets are copper bracelets for men, titanium power magnetic bracelets, and magnetic gold bracelets among others.

Decreases headaches and migraines

For patients who suffer from constant headaches and strong migraines, magnetic therapy has been a great help. Studies assure that the ions found in our body return to their equilibrium thanks to the magnetic fields generated, and this is how headaches and migraines are reduced.

Improving insomnia

According to studies, the use of magnetic bracelets can reduce insomnia in people. All this is due to the fact that the magnetic field generated by the magnets in the bracelet, generates the relaxation of the person and thus decreases any pain, helping him/her to sleep better.

Improvement of urinary incontinence

This has to do with the power of magnetic therapy to decrease inflammations in the body, thanks to the fact that the metabolic balance of our body is restored. So, if incontinence is caused by inflammation of the urinary tract, using magnetic bracelets can help relieve the inflammation.

All these benefits have not yet been officially proven, but all the results of scientific studies that have been conducted show that magnetic fields can indeed have a positive influence on our body, helping to restore the body's balance.

However, the use of the magnetic bracelet or any other type of magnetic accessory must be accompanied by treatment and a recommendation from your medical specialist.

Now, at Polldan, we have a great variety of magnetic bracelets for men and women, of different materials and colors that, besides giving you medical benefits, are beautiful and can be a wonderful accessory.

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